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George Pal

Born: 1 February 1908, Cegléd, Hungary
Died: 2 May 2 1980, Los Angeles, California, USA

“George Pal was a Hungarian animator and film producer, principally associated with the science-fiction genre. Founded Trickfilm-Studio Gmbh Pal und Wittke, with UFA Studios as its main customer from 1931 to 1933. During this time, he patented the Pal-Doll technique (known as Puppetoons in the USA). As an animator, he made the Puppetoons series in the 1940s. Pal then switched to live-action film-making with The Great Rupert (1950). He is best remembered as the producer of several science-fiction and fantasy films in the 1950s, such as When Worlds Collide, and 1960s, four of which were collaborations with director Byron Haskin, including The War of the Worlds (1953). He himself directed Tom Thumb (1958), The Time Machine (1960), and The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm (1962).” (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Breaking Into Features
  • The Great Rupert (1950)
  • Destination Moon (1950)
The Paramount Years
The MGM Years

The Fantasy Film Worlds of George Pal (1985) (Produced and directed by Arnold Leibovit)