The Art of Bette Davis

“Without wonder and insight, acting is just a trade.”

List of Films
(in chronological order):

7 responses to “The Art of Bette Davis

  1. Eric this seems the place to be for the info I need but first you gonna hate me LOL. Somehow I’ve managed to go through life without seeing hardly any Bette Davis films! Yeah I know 😦 But on a positive note, that means I have tons to watch for the very first time. I’ve seen “Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte” and she popped up in Alec Guinness’s “The Scapegoat” but apart from them that’s it. I have “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” ready to go soon and I have “The Nanny” to see. Thing is I read it’s her older stuff she really shines in and you sound the knowledgeable guy to point me in the right direction. Thanks and all the best. Mikey

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      • Thanks Eric. I’ve been waiting to watch Petrified Forest for while now, especially as I’m working my way through Bogies films. You know what I never realised Bette was in this until a fellow blogger posted about it. So I will be ticking two actors off in one go on that one….. Can’t wait to see the others you mention, The Letter and Deception are added to the list. Got some fun hours ahead of of me. Thanks

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