Blood Song (1982)

Blood Song (1984)


Blood Song has two independent storylines that collide half way through the film. The first story deals with a vicious psychopath (Frankie Avalon, Beach Party) who escapes from a mental institution. The second story revolves around a crippled High School teen (Donna Wilkes, Jaws 2) living with her alcoholic father (Richard Jaeckel, The Dirty Dozen) and long-suffering mother (Antoinette Bower, Prom Night). The teenager has a weird psychic connection with the killer that leads to the expected showdown.

Reaction & Thoughts:

Although far from great, Blood Song, written by James Fargo, Frank Avianca, and Lenny Montana, and directed by Alan J. Levi, is a surprisingly entertaining slasher with supernatural undertones. Even with its flaws, I liked it much better than the similar-themed Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988).

Blood Song has a good amount of character development. There are some moments of gruesome violence, but nothing overly gory. The film’s few murder sequences are well-staged. There is one particularly cruel scene at a motel, though. The climax drags a bit, but this is just a minor quip about a fun horror flick.

Ex-pop star Avalon is creepy as the madman. People familiar with Avalon’s career will get a kick out of seeing him go bonkers. I wouldn’t say he was great, but he did better than expected. Wilkes is a fair “Scream Queen.” She has that girl-next-door charm that always fits perfectly into these types of movies.

The supporting cast is pretty good too. Jaeckel and Bower are believable as Wilke’s dysfunctional parents. Veteran character actor Dane Clark (Hollywood Canteen and A Stolen Life) plays Sheriff Gibbons.

Conclusions & Final Thoughts:

If you like 1980s-style slashers there is a good chance that you’ll enjoy this obscure title. It’s really too bad that the print I saw was in terrible condition. Filmed in 1982 in North Bend, Oregon. Color, 89 minutes, Rated R.


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