Alfred Hitchcock Presents (TV-Series): “Premonition” (1955, Season 1, Episode 2)


An American musician, Kim Stanger (John Forsythe, Blake Carrington, TV’s Dynasty), who is living abroad, decides to return to his hometown after he has a premonition that something is wrong. Stanger’s fears are confirmed when family members and friends seem cagey and evasive.

Reaction & Thoughts:

Not as gripping and riveting as the first episode, Premonition, written by Harold Swanton, directed by Robert Stevens, is an intense psychological mystery nevertheless — an absorbing, creepy, very entertaining episode.

The best thing about the episode is its twisty ending, which makes you reevaluate all that came before. The combination of the real and the supernatural anticipates Rod Serling’s classic TV show The Twilight Zone (1959-64). The series, and Hitchcock for that matter, was never interested in fantasy, so this is a brief detour from the show’s modus operandi.

Forsythe, who went on to star in two Hitchcock features (The Trouble With Harry and Topaz), is terrific. His heart-felt performance keeps you glued to the screen. We’re forced to see everything through Forsythe’s eyes and that’s the main reason we’re so easily manipulated.

Cloris Leachman (The Last Picture Show and Daisy Miller) plays Stanger’s sister-in-law. Interestingly, Leachman also appeared in Mel Brooks’s High Anxiety, a wonderfully silly spoof of Hitch’s movies. The cast also includes George Macready (Paths of Glory), and Percy Helton (The Crooked Way).

Conclusions & Final Thoughts:

Premonition has all the elements of a good mystery. The cast is great and the ending is pure perfection. B&W, 25 minutes, Not Rated.


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