We Are the Night (2010, aka Wir sind die Nacht)

We Are the Night (2010, aka Wir sind die Nacht)


In Germany, street hustler Lena (Karoline Herfurth, Passion) leads a miserable life. It’s obvious that her life is quickly sparingly out of control. Everything changes for Lena when a group of chic but strange women (Jennifer Ulrich, Nina Hoss, Anna Fischer) take her under their wing. The benefactors are really a coven of vampires and Lena is quickly turned into a creature of the night. Meanwhile, a determined cop (Max Riemelt, Amnesia) is after the murderous clan unaware that he’s dealing with the supernatural.

Reaction & Thoughts:

We Are the Night (aka Wir sind die Nacht), directed by Dennis Gansel from a screenplay by Jan Berger and Gansel, is a super-slick, fast-paced urban horror film, with lots of eye-popping moments. Sadly, it offers absolutely nothing new to the subgenre, and most of the film plays like a rehash of similar & better movies (e.g. The Hunger, The Lost Boys, and Interview with a Vampire).

That being said, We Are the Night is never boring. It’s also a technically competent film. The vampire fight near the end of the film is a thrilling and exhilarating action set-piece. It takes place on a sky-high tower and it is very exciting to watch. The visual effects are pretty good and Torsten Breuer’s glossy cinematography is an asset.

Herfurth is the best thing about the movie, though. There is something very appealing about her.

At first, the Herfurth’s Lena sees vampirism as a great way to improve her life, but after a wild night of murder and mayhem, she is overwhelmed by feelings of guilt and regret. Herfurth makes a believable transition from petty criminal to sophisticated kick-ass vampire.

Conclusions & Final Thoughts:

I enjoyed We Are the Night, but it is never as much fun as Len Wiseman’s deliciously campy Underworld franchise. Still, a very entertaining horror movie. The version I watched was dubbed in English. Color, 96 minutes, Rated R.


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